PURE GREEN: Inspiration for living a stylish green lifestyle

Photo: ©Pure Green Magazine, photographed by Ever Images

What motivates you to live green? Is it your health, core values or current trends? With each passing day it seems there are more and more influences, both culturally and in the media, sending the message that you should be making a bigger effort to live green. And I can’t say I disagree, but too often that message is scary — toxins in your food and beauty care products, climate change, over-population…I personally don’t believe stoking a doomed consciousness is the path to a greener lifestyle. The Dalai Lama once said: “Be the change you are trying to create.” If you really stop to consider it, you might find that you're doing more than you think – even if it’s just a few key things — because when I look around, what I see is encouraging. I see recycling bins on every street corner and people holding their reusable water bottles and riding their bicycles to work. I see the organic section in the grocery store growing every day and the LED street lights. I see solar panels popping up all over the place and innovative businesses giving us new green options every day. Good options. Nice options. Stylish options.

A green lifestyle should be a celebration of the things that inspire you — a mission to preserve and to improve, which for me is what led to the creation of Pure Green Magazine: a print publication for a stylish green lifestyle. At the core of what Pure Green Magazine does is inspiring better and smarter living by sharing beautiful stories and ideas. We believe that celebrating what we are already doing, giving ourselves a pat on the back and being the change (if you will) are the ways to a greener community. We’d also like you to discover the greater world of stylish green living with us.  There’s certainly more to it than energy efficiency and recycling — there’s an entire world limited only by our creativity and it’s accessible by all. For us it takes shape in things like connecting with nature, gaining new perspective, embracing sustainable food and the lifestyle around it, and making a healthy home. And who says it can’t be done with style?

With that I’d like to welcome you to Pure Green, a new weekly column on Green Living Online inspired by the pages of Pure Green Magazine. Here you will find discussions on the things that inspire me most.

Perhaps we will inspire you to find ways to reconnect with yourself — as I do when I’m spending time with my friend Annie (pictured above) or my family. You’ll also meet people doing their own green thing, all experts in their own way.

Perhaps we’ll inspire you to get creative in your home — rather than going out and buying a new piece of furniture, you can create something new from something old. Who knew grandmother’s vintage buffet was so eco?

Perhaps we’ll inspire you to take a closer look at the food you eat. We believe in eating healthy food that gives you joy — from time to time, we’ll share recipes created by our food editor, Jonathan MacKay. Or perhaps we’ll be taking a closer look at the lifestyle behind producing and creating food.

Perhaps you’ll go places with us that invoke a sense of wonder and pleasure. A place that reminds us why we want to be green. Whatever your inspiration, you will be able to find it here in Pure Green, so check back regularly. Community is important to me beyond measure, so don’t be shy! Leave us your comments and questions or feel free to email us at info@green-living.ca.
Great to meet you!


About the author: Celine MacKay is the founder and editor-in-chief of Pure Green Magazine, an independent print publication for stylish green living based in Ontario. She also owns and operates Sustain, a green home improvement store, with her husband and partner Jonathan MacKay. For a daily dose of Pure Green, to take a peek at the magazine or to subscribe, please visit www.puregreenmag.com.

Photos are © Pure Green Magazine, photographed by Ever Images