Help Us Double Canada's Urban Forest!


We envision a future in which Canadians recognize the environmental, economic and social benefits of trees in cities and get personally involved in planting and maintaining trees across the country.

Trees help create sustainable, healthy and liveable cities. The urban canopy is a vital city asset, improving air quality, reducing the carbon footprint, absorbing stormwater runoff and providing habitat for wildlife. Trees also increase property values, enhance our health and well-being, and provide social and educational opportunities. Plus, they make our cities beautiful – so let’s get planting!

For ideas and inspiration, we recommend Trees For Life – 52 Tips to Double Our Urban Forest, a pamphlet by urban gardening author Lorraine Johnson, with an introduction by gardening guru Mark Cullen. Purchase yours for just $5 – proceeds support tree planting in the Greater Toronto Area.

For your copy, mail $5 to:

Green Living
66 The Esplanade, Suite 201
Toronto, ON
M5E 1A6

Canada is blessed with wonderful trees, parks and natural areas. Let’s work together to ensure the sustainability of our urban forests and maximize their community benefits! Money doesn’t grow on trees, so please donate to great organizations working to protect urban forests, including Tree Canada, Greenest City, Pollution Probe, LEAF, Landscape Ontario and Parks Canada.  

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