Health of our Water

Learn about the future of water with Waterlution

Clean and usable water may be one of the key survival issues all humans face in the very near future.

According to The Water Information Program, three-quarters of Earth’s surface is covered with water, yet 98 per cent is salt water. Less than one per cent of all the water on Earth is freshwater available for human consumption. According to National Geographic’s Freshwater Initiative, this freshwater is not always easily accessible, as much of it is trapped in glaciers and snowfields. It reports, “only 0.007 per cent of the planet’s water is available to fuel and feed its 6.8 billion people.”

And now our planet has reached seven billion people! Humans can survive a month or more without food, but only a week or so without water. As water availability stays relatively the same, our global population continues to swell. As a result, there is a growing awareness of the planet’s looming water crisis. Fortunately, there is something we can choose to do about it.

Waterlution is a registered non-profit corporation that works both across Canada and internationally. Its vision is for “the next generation of decision-makers – across all sectors and stakeholder groups – to be strong, informed leaders with a passion for and commitment to healthy watersheds.”

Waterlution brings together a wide range of individuals, organizations and communities in “the exploration of creative management solutions that respect water and the broader ecosystem.” They know that all of us have a vested interest in the health of our water, and through educational programs are working to promote awareness and find long-term water management solutions.

Through their community-based “The Future of Water Workshop Series,” custom learning programs, cross-Canada Waterlution Hub Network, and unconferences and special events, they offer “experiential learning opportunities and collaboration platforms for young Canadians.” A short video from one of their recent unconferences demonstrates the positive impact of people coming together to collaborate

Everyone with an interest in water is invited to participate in Waterlution’s programs. Its only prerequisite is “a genuine interest in water, and in sharing your perspectives and/or increasing your knowledge around how this resource is managed.” Visit the events page for upcoming dates in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

With a diverse team, Waterlution is committed to making a positive difference. Its impressive partnerships with Canadian Water Network, Tides Canada Initiatives, POLIS Project on Ecological Governance, Living Lakes Canada and Pioneers of Change demonstrate its dedication to community-based initiatives.

With the future health of our water a critical issue for all, Waterlution’s purpose is “to inspire pattern-making and pattern-breaking change towards a healthy and sustainable relationship with water.”

How are you willing to get involved? We’d love to hear the ways that Green Living readers are taking steps to ensure that our future includes a healthy, usable water supply. Email us at