Have fun turning your laundry green!

Photo: Photo courtesy of The Eco Laundry Room

Let’s face it, no matter how you dress it up, laundry is a chore, plain and simple. The biggest resource it seems to take up is our time: washing, drying (hoping it doesn’t rain if you’re using a line), folding. Then there’s special care for different types of clothes: hand washing or delicate cycles, colors to whites — it is never just one load.

But what if you could be kinder to the environment, and have a sense of camaraderie, while doing the laundry? In Toronto, there’s a Laundromat called The Eco Laundry Room that can do provide both! And it can serve as inspiration for your community.

Located in Toronto’s east end, at 2741 Danforth Ave., The Eco Laundry Room features Energy Star front-load washers that use 43% less water than other models, and dryers that use 50% less gas than conventional models. Then there are rooftop solar tube panels used to heat the hot water and the green materials used to build and maintain the space.

Co-owner Brent Kelso says, “While the concept of a green Laundromat isn’t new, it’s only now that the technology’s available to make a real impact.  That’s what makes us so different. Everything from the floor, made of recycled material, to our tables, made of used materials we gathered ourselves, is 100% eco-friendly.”

There is also a fully staffed coffee bar that serves fair-trade and organic coffee from Classic Gourmet Coffee, a brand of coffee that uses 31% less energy for roasting the beans than a traditional roasting plant and it is local. In fact all of The Eco Laundry Room’s café and laundry products are sourced locally. The soap, for instance, is called Eco Sudz and is made in Toronto. Its ingredients include: sodium chloride (a sodium salt), sodium carbonate (washing soda), fatty polyglycoside (from corn starch and palm kernel oil), silicates (from salt and limestone), zeolite (non-toxic mineral), sodium citrate (salt of citric acid) and cellulose collides (from cotton and wood).   

They also have Wi-Fi so you can check email while waiting on the rinse cycle.

“We want clients to relax at the coffee bar while the kids play in the play area,” says Natasha Bick-Kelso, co-owner and co-founder. “This is the kind of place where people will want to spend time.”

So, okay, you still have to do laundry. But now you can feel better about it, and have a lot more fun!