Have a Crafty Christmas!

Photo: Pinterest
Tap into your creative side with our holiday inspired Pinterest faves

Check out our favourite crafty holiday DIYs.

Deep clean:
Make your own all-natural cleaners to get your home spick and span without compromising yours or your family's health with these toxic free cleaning recipes.

Home scents: Follow these instructions on how to make your own all-natural and chemical free air fresheners here. Or go the classic route and get your home smelling like Christmas with this easy at-home potpourri recipe.

At-home spa: Using what's already in your fridge, you can rival the best spas with these easy to make, simple face masks. They're healthy, quick to make and their natural ingredients will bring out your best.

Holiday wreath: Scour your backyard for fun nature-inspired elements like pinecones to make your holiday door-decoration. Check out these easy-to-make wreaths on our Pinterest board.

Revitalize neglected belongings: New isn't always better. This holiday season breathe some new life into those loved-then-forgotten items you have lying around. Sew on all those missing buttons or fix those jeans that need a hem or modify an oversized shirt. Need help? Visit a Repair Café for support.

Green centrepiece: These fun to make potted terrariums make unique table centrepieces. You can give them away as little gifts to your guests or reuse them as year-round decoration around the house.

candle holderCandelabra: Here's another great way to use those twigs and garden elements to bring nature into your home. Make earthy candle holders or use your imagination and create a unique Hanukkah candelabra for your family dinner table. 

Winter protection for your pet: As winter creeps up, keep your pet warm with this up-cycled dog sweater. Be warned though, your cat may not be fond of this one!

Magic bags: Relieve that irritating neck pain with your own DIY magic beanbag. It's simple to make and by adding some aromatherapy-scented oils you'll feel like you're at a 5 star spa! Careful to make sure the materials you put in are microwave safe!

Cookies: Nothing better than some old fashion favs with a new twist. Try these delectable gluten-free cookies, or try going vegan with this cookie recipe.

Repurpose old furniture: If you have an old desk sitting around in the garage, make it into a custom display case. Just add some hooks from the hardware store and you can easily re-purpose an old drawer into a vintage, custom jewellery display. Or hang it up by your font door as a spot to leave your keys and wallet.

Preserve the best ingredients: You don't need to spend a lot of money on fancy herb oils, you can really spice up your family dinner with these do it yourself herb infused oils. They're great to add some unexpected flavour to any dish and they look great as a kitchen counter decoration. You can even customize the jars with printable labels and gift them. Also try these at home recipes for apple butter, kimchi and butternut squash jam.

Make some sentimental ornaments: These are entertaining ways to keep your kids busy during the holidays. They make a great keepsake for grandparents and relatives too. Or if you're planning on a big family dinner, grab some supplies and get all the cousins to make one. 

Corkboard: A Pinterest favourite! Save those wine bottle corks and get crafting. You can hang it up in your kitchen as a family note-board or use it to hang up your costume jewellery. Bonus: you now have a great excuse to drink your favourite wines!

Up-cycled dust cloths: For those clothes you can't donate or repair, turn them into cheap, reusable dust cloths for around the house. An old cotton t-shirt makes great material for cleaning cloths that won't scratch delicate surfaces like stainless steel or soft wood.  

Dress shirt baby bibs: Grab a couple of dad's old dress shirts and give them a new life by turning them into colourful bibs. Make sure you reinforce those buttons with a few extra stitches though!

Upcycle Denim: Everyone has that one pair of jeans that have maybe seen some better days. If cut-offs aren't your thing, try re-purposing it into an apron, a clutch or an ipad case. You can even make place mats, lunch bags or a coin pouch! The opportunities are endless.

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