Greening the world, one photo at a time

A Fun Little iPhone Ap

The rumor is, it only takes a small step to make a big difference, when it comes to the environment. Little efforts can make a huge impact. However, some of us need a little inspiration or even a way to show others our green vision.

Well from, greening the downtown core to showing your Grandma how to transform her garden into a biodiverse paradise, you guessed it, there’s an ap for that.

Greenit! is a new application available for your iPhone. Since a picture can be worth a thousand words, and now us “greenies” can prove how the world would be a better place by taking pictures using the iPhone. The Greenit! application allows you to add on green elements from  
nature (flowers, trees, grass, plants) to clean technology such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Need to inspire your neighborhood to take on more green initiatives, show them how their new community will look and benefit with this fun little tool.

Naturally after creating your picture paradise you can save and send the result to your twitter  
and facebook accounts as well as via e-mail to your friends or/and co-workers.

Happy Greening!