Green Toronto Awards: Environmental Awareness

Photo: Warming/ Ben Marans

The Green Toronto Awards took place this weekend at the Green Living Show. The Environmental Awareness Award rewards an individual or group helping people to understand the interconnectedness of the natural and man-made worlds. The winners this year are Cathy Nesbitt, Planet in Focus and greenTbiz.

Environmental education is designed to heighten awareness about green issues and promote actions that lead toward sustainability.

The opportunity to increase awareness presents itself in many ways. This award acknowledges all acts of environmental education including teaching students, young and old, how their actions can make a difference.

Cathy Nesbitt
Cathy Nesbitt's company, Cathy's Crawly Composters, specializes in vermicomposting (indoor composting with worms) and organic diversion. She is a worm advocate, and, through inspirational story-telling, has raised the level of awareness about environmental conservation of over 15,000 students. She inspires individuals to take action and get involved, and has extended the life of landfills by single-handedly diverting several tonnes of organics.

Planet in Focus
Over the last eight years, Planet in Focus (PIF) has become Canada's leading international environmental film and video festival. The annual five-day event screens and promotes outstanding and compelling works by Canadian and international filmmakers covering a broad range of environmental themes. In 2007, PIF screened nearly 100 films, representing the voices and concerns of 23 nations. This evocative image above from the film Warming is just one example of the many environmental films screened at the Festival.

greenTbiz is a program delivered by the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA), working with Toronto's Business Improvement Areas (BIAs), to benefit their members and the environment. greenTbiz has delivered more than 150 consultations that include individualized energy- and environmental-conservation information. Once companies have implemented changes, they are invited to participate in the Smart Mentoring program to share their learning with other companies. To convey the conservation message to a wider audience, greenTbiz is promoting environmental awareness at various events.

Photos: Upper left: Cathy Nesbitt, lower left: greenTbiz, upper right: Shot from the film Warming.

Sponsored by Toronto Hydro Corporation.

Chris Chopik, Real Estate Agent
Cam Collyer, Evergreen
Janet McKay, Local Appreciation and
Enhancement of Forests
Chris Winter, Conservation Council of Ontario
Phil Winters, EnWise Power Solutions

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