The Green Profile: Judy Lazar

Name: Judy Lazar

Where you are from? Montreal, Quebec, Canada

What inspired you to be green? It did start with Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth - I got a very sick feeling inside when I saw the movie and that feeling stayed with me for a very long time, so long that it made a strong impression and was the catalyst for me starting my business, Credo Bags.

Who is your green mentor? So many. Mostly people in general who have been eco-minded and walking the walk their whole lives (aka hippies)- Adria Vasil - Wonderful retailers such as The Big Carrot, Grassroots (Rob Grand) - Lisa Borden ( Eco-advocate) Gail Olivier (Edible Toronto), and all the retailers who had the foresight to offer eco-friendly organic products to consumers, so that there are now choices.  Oh yes, and organic farmers!

What is your biggest green accomplishment? Manufacturing a truly transparent green Canadian product, that consumers are buying and loving. - My reusable 100%organic cotton mesh Produce Bags.

What are your green goals for 2010? To get my bag into the hands of as many Canadians as possible - so that they have a sustainable reusable option.

What projects are you currently working on to better the environment? I am working on all kinds of "Everyday" Bags.  My "Baguette" Bag was a big hit at the Green Living Show. I now have bags for Produce, Bulk, Groceries, Wine, Shopping, Snack, Lunch - I will be expanding into Laundry Bags and other types of Vegetable and Bread Bags to prolong their freshness.  The Project outside my business is setting up composting and an organic vegetable garden in my backyard this summer.

What do you want to inspire in others when it comes to the environment? To be aware of how wasteful we are being in our everyday lives.  There are so many easy changes we can do to make a difference.  eg. Reusable Bags and bottles, CFL lightbulbs, carpooling, recycling and composting etc.etc.

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