Green Living’s June Guest Editor: Chris Tyrrell

“Renewable sources of energy” seems to be the phrase we are hearing all over the place at the moment. Be it the Gulf Oil Spill bringing this topic to the front of our minds, or just lots of sun outside making us think “maybe solar panels are a good idea” - finding alternative sources of energy is a must for the future. But with this topic comes lots of questions:

  • What types of alternative energies are available to me?
  • How does alternative energy work when it comes to the power grid?
  • Who can I talk to about what is best for my home?

Well, we thought that we could help you out and have reached out to a friend of ours who has been a great resource and adviser, Chris Tyrrell. 

Who is Chris Tyrrell?

He is an Engineering Technologist and, as Toronto Hydo's Chief Conservation Office, Chris Tyrrell leads a team of conservation and renewable energy professionals to develop and deliver conservation and renewable energy programs.

Though based in Toronto, Chris is able to answer all sorts of questions when it comes to renewable energies and the challenges or learning's that being in the field for 25 years brings to the table.

So, email your questions to and Chris will answer them each Thursday in our weekly newsletter for the month of June!

Our first question to Chris was - Does my dryer get powered by socks? You know how at the end of a day of laundry there is always one lonely sock, could this be a renewable resource?

Chris let us know that socks may not be able to power our washers and dryers but he can help us out in finding a match for our lonely sock. The Great Sock Exchange is helping Toronto find sock sole mates - if you finish your laundry and end up with one lonely sock at the end, take a photo and submit it to Toronto Hydro Sock Exchange. Try this in your town - maybe you can find a neighbor who has a sole mate for your lonely sock!

Chris also recommends purchasing an ENERGY STAR qualified washing machine.  Not only will an energy-efficient clothes washer save you money on electricity, but YOUR SOCKS are less likely to go missing in a new, front loading washer (If you live in Toronto check out the $140 incentive from Toronto Hydro).