The Green List: Baby Greens


Read about the Canadian youth who are helping to green our environment. These Baby Greens are part of the Green List, compiled by Green Living Magazine.

  • How-Sen Chong (The Off-setter)
    Founder and managing partner of CarbonZero, one of Canada's leading carbon-offset companies. Also on the board of the Sierra Club of Canada. (Photo above)
  • Zoë Caron (The Climate-Changer)
    A founding member of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. Co-authored Global Warming for Dummies with Green Party leader Elizabeth May, to be published in July.
  • Jane Ambachtsheer (The Investor)
    A principal of Mercer Investment Consulting. Heads the company's global responsible-investment business. Helped develop the UN's Principles for Responsible Investment. Is also a global advisor for the Carbon Disclosure Project.
  • Simon Jackson and Salimah Ebrahim (The Bear-Huggers)
    At the ages of 13 and 15 respectively, co-founded the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition, which has grown to become the largest youth-led environmental organization in the world, with more than six million members in some 60 countries.
  • Clayton Thomas-Muller (The Environmental Networker)
    Oil-campaign organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network, which presented at the World Summit on Sustainable Development on Indigenous resistance to oil corporations. Was named one of the "Top 30 Under 30" in the U.S. by the Utne Reader.
  • Andrew Ference (The NHLer)
    The point person for the NHLPA and the 500 players who have signed up to work with the David Suzuki Foundation to offset their regular season carbon emissions. Read more in He shoots, he scores green!
  • Amelia Clarke (The Founder)
    Founded the Sierra Youth Coalition in 1996, served as the president of the Sierra Club of Canada and advised the Canadian delegation for the UN's World Summit on Sustainable Development negotiations.
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  • Jordy Gold, a sustainability consultant, created the Green List with additional research from Lee Schnaiberg, an environmental consultant.