Green Briefcases

Are you still carrying around that beat-up old briefcase you've been toting for years? Why not start carrying those business papers to work and back in earth-friendly style? There are so many green and groovy alternatives made from things like hemp, recycled rubber and wood.

Hemp Style
The Hemp Courier Bag from Green Earth Office Supply offers versatility and style in a durable, earth-friendly package! This nifty bag, which also doubles as a backpack, is made from hemp, a natural fiber grown in accordance with sustainable agriculture practices, and is coloured with low impact dyes ($72.50 US). A more traditional, briefcase style satchel, complete with lots of useful pockets, is also available ($61.75 US).

The Artisan Hemp Briefcase, available at The Vegan Store is perfect for laptop computers, and is available in black or natural.($99.95 US). Sativa Bags also offers a number of elegant hemp alternatives for toting the computer, from the svelte Slim Lap Top Case ($83.58 US) to the more heavy-duty Laptop Briefcase ($104.48). And it's available in brown, grey or khaki--so there's something to match even the most conservative suit!

Carry it in rubber or plastic
A messenger or courier bag is definitely a cool alternative to a traditional briefcase, and it can be worn over the shoulder-- perfect if you regularly cycle or walk to work. The Recycled Rubber Messenger Bag, from Green Earth Office Supply is made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber--that's the stuff that would have ended up as landfill! Rubber is tough stuff, so this long-lasting bag is sure to see you through even the meanest of meetings. ($65.00 US, also available in Large for $75.00 US)

Another cool alternative is the Overland Equipment Seattle Computer Bag, available from. Made from eco-friendly wax canvas, recycled rubber, recycled PET polyester (sourced from old plastic pop bottles) and recycled aluminum, it scores lots of points for versatility and earth-friendliness. Even the front buckle is made from recycled aluminum! The hand-stiched recycled-rubber bottom resists wear and helps keep everything dry. ($120 US)

A different take on the classics
If you're still devoted to the idea of a more traditional leather satchel, try this one from Zanisa. It's made from "regenerated leather," basically scraps of waste leather mixed with a small amount of natural rubber. Handmade in Italy, with stylish details like metal rivets for strength, it's sure to get you noticed wherever you go. ($65.00 US)

But if you're looking for something really different why not look at a distinctive briefcase made of wood from Arenot. This slim, unique case, designed for carrying laptops, is made with ‘ecologically thinned' Japanese cedar. Designed by industrial designer Takumi Shimamura, these distinctive briefcases are hand stitched in Japan ($298 US).