Geeks love Bikes too!

When M.I.T. researchers get bitten by the cycling bug, they go above and beyond in making a really cool and useful cycling gadget... the Copenhagen Wheel.

Not content with merely producing a gadget that could easily turn an ordinary bike into an electrically-assisted bike, the uber-geeks from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology not only packed the wheel (it looks like a regular bike wheel with a big red hub) with regenerative braking technology (which stores power when you brake so that you can use it for going up hills),  but sensors and bluetooth connectivity so that the wheel can track the bicycle's speed, direction and distance traveled.  There is even potential to collect data on air pollution and the location of the cyclist's friends.

Very cool stuff, but by far the coolest feature is one the M.I.T. researchers is discussing with city officials in Copenhagen... namely the ability to track the distance a cyclist travels and then reward them.  Kind of like frequent flier miles, but for bikes!  Talk about cycling incentives!