Five homeopathic remedies to equip yourself with this fall

Five of our favourite fall remedies to keep away your winter blues

Aside from the much-needed break from the sweltering summer heat, fall weather often comes with an unwelcome barrage of seasonal aliments. There are loads of medicinal options for dealing with symptoms, but for people looking to improve their health the natural way, homeopathy may be the answer. Homeopathy is a 200 year old form of natural medicine that stimulates your body’s own healing capabilities. These remedies are safe and effective for everything from injuries to chronic illnesses like arthritis and depression.

The idea behind homeopathy is simple, by taking a substance that is commonly known to induce a similar type of symptom, it encourages the body’s natural tendencies to self-correct and heal. Knowing this, we talked to Julie Henry of FeelGood Natural Health Clinic for her go-to fall remedies to talk to your homeopath about:

Aconite: This remedy is excellent for nipping colds, fevers and sore throats in the bud. If you have it on-hand and take it as soon as you notice symptoms, you may avoid getting sick altogether. If you are generally healthy but notice that a cold dry wind has triggered cold symptoms, this is the #1 remedy to try.

Argentum Nitricum: This remedy is a lifesaver in states of performance anxiety. If a child is anxious or fearful to go to school, present in front of a class or is nervous about a test, this remedy can be of great help. It also relieves issues that come along with anxiety, like gastro-intestinal problems (diarrhea, gas and belching). If you’re feeling anxious, hurried or impulsive, you may want to stock this in your medicine cabinet.

Bryonia: This is a great remedy for dry and painful coughs. A person needing Bryonia will feel very thirsty for large quantities of water, lethargic or feel very irritable and angry. They feel better with firm pressure – so you may see them holding their throat or chest when they cough. Bryonia relieves these symptoms.

Nux Vomica: Nux Vomica is a great digestive remedy that works to neutralize the effects of overindulgence. If you are suffering from too many “second” helpings or had one too many to drink last night, this remedy will bring you quick relief.

Arsenicum: This is a great example of how a substance that is toxic in its crude dose is a safe and great healer in its diluted homeopathic dose. Arsenicum is a wonderful remedy for the effects of food poisoning and flu. If you’re experiencing symptoms like restlessness, continuous vomiting, nausea, chills, burning pains or stomach-churning anxiety, then you’ll want to look into having some Arsenicum at the ready.

The key to success with homeopathic medicine is individualized treatment. With the right treatment for you, at the right dose and the right frequency of repetition your body’s energy becomes balanced and you are returned to a state of health. This century-old natural system of medicine helps bring patients to optimal health – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Julie has been practising homeopathic medicine for the past 15 years. She manages a private practice in Toronto and Oshawa, Ontario in which she helps her patients to live happy, healthy and successful lives through Homeopathy.

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