Fire the Imagination with Barefoot Books


Watch your children's imagination catch on fire with these terrific books.

There's a mountain of junk out there so parents will find relief with Fire the Imagination and their line of wonderful books. This Canadian company has joined together with Barefoot Books to offer books that are beautiful, fun and inspiring.

We asked one of our in-house experts for her opinion. Montana Speed, a grade 6 student, an avid reader and budding environmentalist reviewed some of her favourites for us.

The Sun in Me: Poems about the Planet

Compiled by Judith Nicholls
Illustrated by Beth Krommes
The Sun in Me is a great book full of poems about our world. The book is a light read and you can pick it up any time. The pictures are beautiful and full of color. A great book for any classroom!
Rating 5/5

A Forest of Stories: Magical Tree Tales From Around the World
by Rina Singh and Helen Cann
A Forest of Stories is a book with seven tree tales from places like India, China, and Japan. The stories are heart warming and have great morals. They are great bedtime stories or great for a classroom. The pictures are beautiful and anyone could read these stories.
Rating: 4/5

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon
By Jules Bass and Debbie Harter
Herb the Vegetarian Dragon lives in a faraway forest just outside a kingdom of people. Herb's cousins are meat eaters and they eat most of the people in the kingdom. When the people decide to raid the dragons it is up to herb to find a solution to everyone's problems! This book is a great read and everyone should take a look at it!
Rating: 4/5

Whole World
by Cristopher Corr, with songs by Fred Penner
The book Whole World is a book with the lyrics of the song Whole World. It is a great book to read with a group and the pictures are inspiring! This book also comes with a CD with the song Whole World sung by Fred Penner. This song really gets your toe tapping. At the back of the book it has some great ways to reduce Global Warming. This book is for all ages!
Rating: 3/5

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