Finding green-collar jobs


Find enviro-friendly work and start your green career today.

Gregg McLachlan wants to help you find your dream job. Last April he launched WorkCabin, a user-friendly website that advertises employment and volunteer opportunities all over Canada. What's special about WorkCabin? All these jobs are green.

What is a green career?
A green job consists of work that contributes to a sustainable economy and a better environment. This can mean working as a guide in a national park, an engineer for a new sustainable building development, a labourer in a recycling facility, a lawyer for a government or as a communications officer for a charitable organization. Green-collar workers are a diverse group, but protecting our environment is one thing they all have in common.

Still takes some searching
Despite the growth in green industries, finding a job in the environmental sector can be challenging. Available positions are easily missed on a governmental or organizational website somewhere or are lost among the thousands of other positions on some of the large job search sites.

Enter sites such as WorkCabin. "I'm not doing this to make millions," says McLachlan. "I'm doing it because I think it is important. We need to raise awareness that these jobs are out there." McLachlan says he believes there's been an "explosion" in traditional companies wanting to go green and hire a workforce that can make that happen. WorkCabin isn't the only site of its kind.

One of the existing websites McLachlan looked at when creating WorkCabin was TreeHugger. This popular American media site includes a green job board. Also in the U.S., the Environmental Career Centre lists green jobs on its website and in its Green Careers Journal, published 10 times a year.

Just as the issues of climate change and environmental sustainability are global so are green jobs. Many sites, including GoodWork Canada and Sustainable Business in the U.S. list international opportunities. McLachlan has plans to add the international market on WorkCabin in the near future.

So, whether you are mid-career and looking for a change or right out of University, making an environmentally-friendly career choice is easier than ever. Your dream green job could be a click away.

Shannon Wilmot is a freelance journalist based in Toronto.