Enviro Heroes: Tamar Wagman and Eryn Green

Photo: http://rwphotographic.com - Raina Kirn & Wilson Barry

Eco entrepreneurs, Sweetpea Baby Foods

When lifetime friends Tamar Wagman and Eryn Green met for lunch one day back in 2004, little did they know that a passing what-if conversation could turn into a thriving, eco-friendly business. "Tamar had recently quit her job," says Green, "and was looking for change. I had always wanted to start a business but hadn't found the right thing." Wagman's experience in food marketing and hospitality service paired with Green's ease with business from years as a consultant meant that the right thing was right there begging to be discovered: organic frozen baby food for parents on the go.

Since the birth of their first child, Wagman and her chef husband, Jordan Wagman, had lamented the state of commercial baby food. "There is just so much waste involved in those little jars - thick glass, too-big portions. " Many parents, including the Wagmans, had started making their own baby food at home, where they could ensure the best of both portions and ingredients. After thorough research on products, ingredients, stores and freezers, Sweetpea Baby Food was born.

Found in hundreds of stores across Canada, Sweetpea offers pre-portioned, organic foods (including 100 percent organic meat), available in various ingredient combinations, packaged in 100 percent recyclable trays. All the recipes are wheat-free and soy-free with no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, fillers, salt, modified starches or sugars.

With Wagman's husband developing recipes in the kitchen and Dr. Joey Shulman, the company's head nutritionist, keeping the tabs on the vitamin-and-mineral sides of things, the company is doing far better than anticipated. What's driving these eco-entrepreneurs? "Informing customers about how harmful pesticides are," says Green. "Our concern is offering healthy, delicious and convenient food for healthy babies.

This is part of Enviro Heroes, a series spotlighting the efforts of individuals determined to make a difference.