Enoki Mushroom Salad

Photo: Erin Monett of Ever Images Photography
Bring this to your next summer BBQ

This cold dish is perfect for summer and makes an ideal accompaniment to your meal. It’s lovely when paired with steaks, lamb and game meat.

Serves: 4


1 bunch organic enoki mushrooms
2 large organic scallions
2 large sprigs fresh thyme
1 oz. organic olive oil
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. organic aged red wine vinegar
mineral salt and course ground pepper to taste


Remove the "foot" or cluster at the bottom of the clump of mushrooms, making sure not to remove any more stem than is necessary. Separate mushrooms and rinse under cold water, patting dry and wiping away any dirt with a clean towel. Cut scallions into 3 inch pieces, being sure to use as much of the green as possible. Julienne the onions lengthwise into fine "matchsticks."

Pinch the stem of the thyme sprig between your thumb and index finger and strip the leaves off of the woody stem.

Whisk together oil, lemon, and vinegar, and whisk in salt until you like the taste; crack in some coarse pepper.

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and serve.

RECIPE by Jonathan MacKay, PGM Food Editor
PHOTOGRAPHS by Erin Monett of Ever Images Photography

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