Eco-Friendly + Wedding, Star-crossed or Written in the Stars

Photo: Courtesy of Pistachio
Greening Your Invitations

So he popped the question, you said yes and now you are planning what will forever be known as (let’s say it together) the “biggest day of your life” (until you have kids, but let’s not rush this relationship and save that tale for another column). And being the eco-conscious warrior that you are, you look to make this day not just amazing for you and the love of your life, but for Mother Nature too (and you thought your new in-laws were going to be tough). Now the panic sets in, the questions roll across your mind of how can you make a wedding green? I mean really how can invitations made of paper be eco (they drill it into our kindergarten minds about how we all waste paper), let alone all the other paraphernalia that goes along with your classic vision of this beautiful day? Your dream of elegance and classic clean looks start to fade into hemp and Birkenstock shades and you picture the RSVPs asking “would you like the tree bark or granola option?”.

Before you dissolve into frustrated tears and prepare to elope to Vegas and let Elvis marry you, let me introduce you to your eco fairy Godmother and Mother Nature’s close friend, Pistachio. Yup, fear not brides-to-be there is actually a group of experts at your finger tips ready to guide you down the garden path to you beautiful, elegant and all eco friendly wedding. Seriously, this is a must stop shop for us eco warriors. Today’s learning – your invitations, yup you can have that elegant suite of stationary produced for friends and family, locally (should you be in Toronto, they are also happy to ship to you too!) and in an eco friendly way! Here’s how.

Pistachio offers several brands of letterpress invitations from the US including Smock, a company that uses paper made of the sustainable resource bamboo. Did you know that there are several types of bamboo that are indigenous to North America? Who knew this versatile plant was a local! But what makes Pistachio special compared to all the other paper stores out there offering letter press is their private label letter press collection. A beautiful set of 18 suites (for those of us new to the wedding world, a suite includes: your save the date card, the invitation, the RSVP card and your thank-you note), all printed in Toronto. For those of you who have looked into options at other stores you have no doubt been introduced to the complex pricing structure of the US brands where you end up paying Canadian taxes, US exchange rates plus shipping rates to actually get your order – ouch, that can put you over your budget before you can hug a tree. So an option where 2 of those 3 items are off the price list – bonus!

The paper used in the Pistachio suites is called Waste Not Paper and is made of 100% post consumer waste and it still looks and feels amazing. And how is letterpress a sustainable process? Letterpress is a series of plates that are built with the lettering and design of your choice raised on the plate. The paper is then put through the press where the lettering and design are pushed into the paper with the ink color of your choice. Pistachio uses soy and vegetable based inks (so no harm there should a drop spill). Also the plates used for your invitations can be melted down and re-used – very eco and of course beautiful! Pistachio’s prices average about 10% less (or more) when compared to other letterpress brands – so eco and cost effective, a match made in, “sigh” heaven.

Now for all you crafty eco warriors, there is also something for you too! If letterpress is not your thing or you have the need to craft, Pistachio also offers their waste-not-paper in bulk quantities, so you can purchase and put things together at home – or ask their in-house designer to create a little custom flourish for you when you stop in, they are happy to help and should you need printing and assembly, they do that too.

I can hear brides sighing already, eco + wedding are two peas in a pod – a match written in the stars!