eBay Goes Green!

Photo: Photo Courtesey of eBay Canada

As part of its efforts to be green, eBay has taken on a partnership with Preloved, a Canadian shop that creates new clothing for women and babies, as well as home items, out of reclaimed materials. Further, eBay has a created a Green Team that includes more than 2000 people from around the world. The team began as an employee effort to make individual eBay offices around the world greener work spaces, and as the teams grew, so did the results of their efforts. There’s now a LEED Gold server base located in Utah and eBay has the largest solar installation in Silicon Valley at its San Jose campus, which also has a community garden that is fertilized by an onsite composting program. eBay is taking big steps when it comes to being green and offering Canadian consumers brands like Preloved is just part of their bigger strategy.

eBay is also launching green.ebay.ca, a site dedicated to green products. Check it out to learn how products are chosen and how eBay helps businesses become green.

Great style and a greener (not to mention more convenient way to shop)? We know where we are getting our fall styles from!

Happy shopping.