Easter bonnets get an eco-stylish makeover

Photo: www.retroactif.net/www.livity.org/www.dankforest.com

Too many Easter traditions are going the way of the evening radio shows and home telephones. Fashionistas everywhere agree we need to keep the custom of a new Easter bonnet alive.

Rebirth through fashion
Worn by girls and women to church services, and the parade that followed, the new Easter hat was often seen as a necessary luxury after the forty-day reprieve of Lent. For the devote, a new hat and outfit symbolized spiritual rebirth (Cleanliness is next to godliness.)

While a drop in church attendance and an increasingly casual society have led to the downfall of this fashionable classic, there's no reason to avoid an Easter bonnet. No matter your denomination, a stylish hat can make any outfit look more put-together and spring is the perfect time to splurge of a sustainable chapeau.

Nicely knitted
Cozy and chic, knitting or crocheted hats are not only for snowy days. If you don't have the time to pick up a set of needles and make your own head topper, some of the top chic eco-fashion brands have you covered. Stewart+Brown sells a beautifully unique Peasant Cap with Mongolian cashmere, available in three different colors.

Online shop Dan.K.Forest offers eight different knitted hats made from organic hemp, all for less than $25 each.

Also made from hemp, Livity Outernational produces a full collection of urban-savvy beanie with and without rims.

Recycled and ravishing
Vintage and second-hand stores are full of sweaters who may not long be in style but still have a lot of life left in them. Deborah Lindquist uses recycled cashmere from these types of sweaters to make headbands, skull caps and aviator caps with appliqu&#0233s inspired by Asian culture, nature, flowers and historical symbols.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon, TillyJane, also has a line of hats made from recycled sweaters available in many colors and sizes for adults, children and infants.

Also based in Portland is Shaun Deller Designs-- a line of 6 different hat styles, all made from recycled wool, cashmere, cotton and linen; perfect for both men and women.

Looking for something that will stand up to spring rains? RetroActif's line of rain hats with wide brims are made from recycled PVC banners, ready to keep you protected in style.

Victoria Everman is a freelance writer, model, on-camera personality and founder of the San Francisco Craft Mafia. She is a regular contributor to Green Living Online.