Earthpack Grocery Bags

Photo: Photo courtesy of Earthpack

Many green retailers have fabulous products that are easy on Mother Nature. But when it comes to the checkout line, they can lose points when they offer up plastic bags for those that don’t bring their own.

To help out, we went on the hunt for a bag they could proudly offer to their customers. While we are all for reuseable bags, we know that eventually those reusable bags will end up in landfill, so we went looking for something that was also biodegradable.

Company: Earthpack

Item(s) tested & price: The Earthpack Tanipack bag. Price varies based on quantities ordered by the retailer.

Where can the item be purchased?Online. To request a sample, click here.

The claim of the product: “Specializing in Recycled Retail Packaging Since 1989”

What was great about the product:

  • It’s made from tapioca, a very renewable resource (even if you don’t like the pudding you can still enjoy this bag).
  • Tapioca is colourless and odourless,  so there’s none of the off-gassing you may get with some reusable bags.
  • This bag biodegrades in 10 weeks versus up to 1,000 years for some.
  • If the bag happens to be incinerated, there are no harmful gasses produced.
  • We were able to reuse the bag about 10 times before it started to stretch out of shape.
  • Production of the bags uses only water, vegetable or soy inks.

What was NOT so great about the product:

  • Though a better choice than many “reusable bags” it is still a disposable bag.
  • Manufactured in Indonesia (we would like to see these made closer to home).

Grade from Green Living: B+