Does Your School "Upcycle"?

Photo: Courtesy of TerraCycle
TerraCycle prevents 2 billion non-recyclable items from ending up in landfill.

The international TerraCycle "upcycling" program wants your trash! In fact, it's asked more than 1,000 locations in Canada, including more than 750 schools, to send in their garbage.


To prevent tons of non-recyclable waste from ending up in landfills, TerraCycle asks schools to collect and send in their empty drink pouches, chip and sandwich bags, yogurt cups and cookies wrappers. Shipping in many areas is free of charge thanks to TerraCycle's corporate partners. Not only is this helping the litterless lunch goal set up by many schools, TerraCycle will donate two cents to a school's chosen charity for each item they receive!

At of the end of the 2010 school year, the Holy Family School in Bowmanville, Ontario, had collected 5,477 used drink pouches and raised $109.54 for charity!

As if landfill diversion and charity donations weren't reason enough to get involved, this year TerraCycle is offering a Trash to Cash contest. Teams who collect the most waste and send it to TerraCycle can win exciting prizes, including more charity cash. The contest ends April 1, 2011.

What is TerraCycle doing with all this garbage?

TerraCycle is an eco-civic company that "upcycles" waste into backpacks, pencil cases, umbrellas, shower curtains, lunch boxes, flower pots and even paving stones! It has actually found a way to recycle drink pouches, which contain a nasty mix of plastic and aluminum and require thousands of years to "disappear."

What are the results?

So far, TerraCycle has collected 1,864,398,198 waste units, used the to create 243 different products and donated $1,622,394.60 to charity. This program leads to a "triple win" situation: helping to keep our planet as green as possible, raising money for charity and getting kids in the habit of recycling!

Learn how your kids school can take part by clicking here!