The Desk Reference

Physicians have “The Physicians’ Desk Reference”. Authors and Writers’ have "The Writer’s Handbook". Now us Eco-Warriors have a guide.

I find myself using many sources a day to help me navigate my way to the green path, from websites, to books to social media to calling my close friend an environmental biologist. All this research is in the name of making sure I have as many facts and am making the most informed choices when it comes to greening my life. It can exhaust any one, when every task can become a PhD research paper, and honestly do we all have the time to do our due diligence for every choice we make on a daily basis?

Enter National Geographic. Their Green Guide science editor, Catherine Zandonella has composed a complete (and I mean complete) guide to a green world.

Catherine has managed to pull together the answers that every person has, could have and should have when it comes to living green at home in National Geographic's Green Guide Families: The Complete Reference for Eco-Friendly Parents.

She speaks in a language that is easy to understand (always explaining complex terms in a non-elitist way) and relates the topic back to how it will effect your household. At the end of each chapter there is a “take action” guide offering you some next steps to get you started along with “the science behind it” a page about one of the concepts of the chapter like: Recycled Rubber Playground Mulch, Artificial Turf or CFL’s.

This book has helped prepare me for greening so many every day things and tasks and referred me to new scientific resources to check out.

How to use this book?
This book is best stored in an easy access place in the house for all family members. I keep mine in the kitchen, right out on the counter. It is dogeared, highlighted and has tabs sticking out of it as I look up new things on a daily basis.

Remember this is a reference book, not a novel on being green. So use it like a dictionary or thesaurus - find out what something is and an alternative greener way to do a task.

It is a great book to start a green bookshelf.

The Green Guide Families: The Complete Reference for Eco-Friendly Parents by: Catherine Zandonella $17.78, 400 pages