Curl up with this comforting seasonal fave

Photo: Urban Acorn
A delicious fall recipe that will keep you cozy and full

As an entrepreneur you never know where your next idea could come from… a great documentary, a book, or for Daniel and Marie of Urban Acorn, the Green Living Show.

“The Show really encouraged us to go outside of our comfort zone and think bigger,” says Fitrion, the “Boss Lady” of the Toronto-based sustainable catering company. “It wasn’t enough to think sustainably, if we wanted to have a bigger impact we needed to collaborate, transform and encourage sustainable practices with our vendors and clients.”

With this idea in mind the two began looking for a solution that would allow them to revitalize production… this was the beginning of Urban Acorn Market. Their new Toronto-based storefront pantry allows them to create small-batch, in-house products such as soups, dips and jams while servicing a neighbourhood with local and organic food. They advocate using the entirety of food products and when possible, byproducts to encourage people to minimize food waste, shop and cook more responsibly. Partnering with fellow Green Living Show alum Charlotte Langley of Scout Canning and local food aggregate, Provender, they were able to keep their shelves stocked with “seconds”, a term used to describe fruits and vegetables with cosmetic blemishes.

We asked them what their favourite fall-comfort food recipe is and here it is: this season’s must-try fall soup recipe that is part of their monthly Supper Club series and features items found in their market:

Creamy Pumpkin Soup
Serves: 4


4 Sugar Pie Pumpkins

1 Onion, diced

4 Bulbs of Garlic Confit

3 Cups of Vegetable Stock

2 Cups High Fat Coconut Milk or Cream

4 Tbsp Maple Syrup

Season to taste:
Fleur de Sel or sea salt, black pepper, cinnamon and/or cloves


1. Preheat oven to 375 F and line baking sheet with a reusable Silpat or parchment; season with tablespoon of oil, salt and pepper.

2. Cut the tops of the pumpkin and place them sliced side down on the baking sheet.

3. Roast for 20-30 minutes; the pumpkins should be soft to the touch. Once roasted, set aside.

4. Heat medium-large size pot on the stove at a medium-high temperature.

5. Sauté onion, garlic confit together until onions are translucent and add stock, coconut milk and maple syrup to the pot; turn heat down to a low simmer. Stir occasionally.

6. Meanwhile, take the seeds out of the pumpkin. Tip: Roast the seeds and sprinkle with sea salt and use them as garnish or a tasty snack.

7. Hollow out some of the flesh of the pumpkin, leaving a centimeter still in-tacked within the pumpkin to prevent leakage.

8. Add the scooped out pumpkin mixture to the blender with the soup. Blend until smooth, you may need to add water to dilute.

9. Return to pot, reheat, season and serve in the hollowed out pumpkins.

10. Garnish with Roasted seeds.

Leftovers keep in the fridge for up to a 1 week, and in the freezer for approximately a month.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Daniel Holloway and ‘Boss Lady’ Marie Fitrion of Urban Acorn