Culinary mastery at the Green Living Show


Come and watch culinary masters create some delicious fare at the Green Living Show.

Saturday at 2 p.m. Chefs Erik Peacock and David Chrystian will create Salsify Soup with Fresh Oysters, paired with Henry of Pelham Riesling Reserve 2006, Short Hills Bench.

Erik Peacock
A passionate professional, Chef Erik Peacock continues his love for food at Wellington Court Restaurant and The Coach House at Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery. Erik has found the perfect contrast between a formal, intricate, stylized cuisine in the city, to smart-casual, approachable fare in the country. His intensity for passing along his knowledge of food has developed into teaching roles at Niagara College as well as other specialty venues and events. A firm believer in keeping much of his focus in Niagara, he has developed deep rooted relationships with local farmers, wineries, the culinary arts and education. Chef Peacock is quoted as saying… "Relationships are our strong suit. We are fortunate to work so closely with friends in all industries, whether it's education, the growers, or the wineries. I think we benefit from seeing the beginning and controlling the end result"".

David Chrystian
David Chrystian is the Executive Chef at "Chez Victor" in Toronto.He burst upon the scene in 1995 after completing his apprenticeship program at George Brown College. From there he went to work at the Windsor Arms eventually opening the Patriot Restaurant, which served only VQA wines and a modern Candiana menu. While there is created one of this signature dishes of roasted scallops in a split pea and ham sauce. In 2002, David moved to the Crown Plaza to cook for a smaller crowd but was lured away to open the newly refurbished Drake Hotel. In 2005, he took a working holiday, traveling through North America and ending up back in school in the Napa Culinary School of Cooking. Inspired by the Napa approach, David returned to the Niagara Region where he started doing catering for wineries. It was there he built up his relationships with the Canadian wine industry that continues to this day, which he brings to Chez Victor's menu.

Saturday at 4:45 pm
Gurth Pretty introduces the Waring House Apple Cider and Old Cheddar Soup

Gurth Pretty is a professional cheese connoisseur and chef who was first introduced to the savory world of cheese byhis grandparents. He combined his love and Canada and cheese into this book The Definitive Guide to Canadian Artisanal & Fine Cheese, considered the most comprehensive guide on the subject matter. His latest book, The Definitive Canadian Wine & Cheese Cookbook is a joint collaboration with Tony Aspler, the well–known Toronto wine writer. Gurth resides in Oakville, Ontario.

Photos, left to right: Top Left; Eric Peacock, Bottom Left: David Chrystian, Right: Gurth Pretty.