Cat and mouse games

Photo: Syncerz
Your cat needs play to keep body and mind alert. Lack of activity often leads to a bored cat who overeats and has other behavourial problems. Type is important Cats sleep between 18 to 20 hours a day so when they're awake they need something to keep their interest. Their natural tendency for play is fishing, flying, and chasing. Start off cat-proofing any existing toys by removing loose feathers, strings, eyes or other small parts that could be chewed and ingested causing choking or a blocked intestine. Choose toys with natural undyed feathers that are biodegradable and digestible. Herb of choice Cats can be picky about their toys and have been known to completely ignore expensive toys lovingly presented. If your cat is totally blasé you may need to spike the toys with some catnip. This perennial herb of the mint family makes cats drop their cool and get goofy. Kitty Hooch catnip mice are made from durable wool that can take withstand abuse from intoxicated cats. The company guarantees their special premium bud will bring out the playful tiger. The Fuzzy White Mouse from Puurfect Play is made from extra thick and fluffy organic fleece and has a dye-free organic cotton tail sure to interest the most finicky feline. Their organic wool ball filled with catnip is also a great comfort toy. Pounce and bounce Sometimes it's all in the presentation. World Wise has a wide assortment of toys to entertain your kitty. The fluttering natural feathers of the SmartyKat FeatherMouse toy will kick your cat's hunting instinct into gear as will BonkerBalls with its hypnotic rattling sound. Roll-a-Treat is an easy to use dispenser toy that is perfect for the super lazy (or slightly dozy) cat. When the ball rolls, the treats fall out. You'll only have to teach your cat this trick once. Cats often respond to toys that look like their typical prey. The dangling legs and tails of the Incredible Flying Ratateenies from the Fat Cat company will wow your cat. Alfredo Fettuccine, Regina Zucchini, Tina Tortellini are all filled the special blend of Zoom Around the Room organic catnip. Their EEEK mouse toys are also popular items. Go fish The aerodynamically designed Da Bird toy gets almost any cat jumping. Using your fibreglass rod you cast off feathers secured onto braided nylon. The sound apparently mimics the wings of birds and gets cats out of their seats. The World Wise SmartyKat Flutter Frenzy wands, also made with real feathers, will get your cat to stop ignoring you. Some cats just want to play alone so the World Wise BungeeBouncer is a good toy. It attaches around any doorknob and the bouncing feathers on the end of the dangler will get Fluffy up and leaping. Get the most from your toys Keep your cat interested by rotating the toys. Make three or four available at a time and provide toys that offer a variety of uses: one to carry, one to "kill" and one to roll. Cats enjoy hide and seek games and often a "found" toy is more appealing than one given. We haven't forgotten you dog lovers. Find healthy toys for your pooch in our article See Spot play.