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Can you pick up a car on your way home, honey?

The choice of electric vehicles continues to grow, while charging networks are popping up everywhere from McDonald's to Sheraton Hotels in Toronto and Montreal. Now, bringing innovation to the sale and distribution of electric vehicles, Mitsubishi has partnered with Japanese appliance chain Yamada Denki to sell its i-MiEV electric vehicle from 17 stores within the Tokyo area.

Mitsubishi has sold 3,000 i-MiEVs in Japan since sales began in April 2010, but is hoping to boost these figures by taking the vehicle in-store. Sales are supported by staff specializing in electric vehicles, while Yamada Denki is planning to introduce test drive events. In addition, a broader range of services are reportedly lined up, including the installation of solar energy systems and charging stations.

This initiative comes as part of Yamada Denki's "smart-house business" campaign — aiming to address environmental issues through the sale of eco-friendly products. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi will gain access to a new audience, educating consumers about the benefits of electric vehicles and enjoying the resulting sales. Before too long, we expect to see similar deals emerging in eco-aware markets around the world.