Carnival of the Green #175

Green Living hosts Carnival of the Green!

A regime change here at Green Living nearly derailed this week’s Carnival of the Green, but we got things sorted out and we’re thrilled it has touched down in Canada.

For readers who aren’t familiar with Carnival, it’s a weekly digest of the green blogosphere, which travels merrily around cyberspace on the good will of the various hosts and contributors.

Thanks to GreenDeals Daily for hosting last week’s round up, and to Mother Nature Network for playing host next week (April 20).

Now onto this week’s business...

Energy Saving Gadgets is a pretty big fan of Google: “The Google PowerMeter underscores, why a company like Google is head and shoulders above a company like Yahoo! It's called innovation. Google does it; Yahoo! doesn't." Here's why.

The X-Ray Vision-aries Blog has “combed through hundreds of green parenting sites to compile what we believe are the 100 best resources and blogs for aspiring green moms.”

The Christian Environmentalist offers the second post in its Earth Month series: The Top 10 Ways to be an Extreme Environmentalist. The post discusses elimination communication, a method by which parents can avoid using diapers with their babies. For environmentally aware parents who can't decide the "diaper debate" question of cloth vs. disposable, this may be the solution. For those in the Atlanta area, or interested in urban transit issues, another post discusses the financial problems of Atlanta's public transit system, Metro Atlanta Transit Authority (MARTA).

It's Frugal Being Green presents Prevent Water Pollution by Not Using Antibacterial Soaps.

Green Thinking Blog was watching Tuesday evening TV and saw a Mastercard commercial called “Lessons.” “Its goal is to make ‘Dad a better man.’ I think it has a very simple, great message: Going green is a frame of mind. One thing to add: You can def find a water glass for less than $5!” Read the rest of the post (and follow the link to view the commercial) here.

Yup, the real title of this post from Recession Depression Therapy is Recycling Pantyhose—A Zillion Household Uses. No giggling aloud... We learned a thing or two.

If you like to garden and craft, this post is for you. Craft Jr submitted this how to on making plant markers. Download a pattern for free.

See Sally Kneidel's pics and post about the praying mantises that hatched this week. For all you gardeners out there, mantises are voracious predators of garden pests. The post, on Veggie Revolution, has lots of info about hatching and raising mantises for eco-friendly pest control.

Fake Plastic Fish
writes: I've always been curious about trying Soapnuts as a natural alternative to laundry detergent but was deterred by the plastic packaging. Now, LaundryTree has come up with 100% compostable packaging and is giving away samples to 10 Fake Plastic Fish readers. Come toss your name into ring. (Wonder if you have to be in the U.S.?)

The folks at My Zero Waste have a guest post, in which they invited the CEO of a plastics company the opportunity to have her say on polythene. They write, “The article helped us to think outside the box about my own views on plastic vs paper." Why not have a read and share your thoughts.

Mrs Green at Little Green Blog asks: Ever wanted to know how to get rid of slugs the eco-friendly (and relatively slug-friendly) way? No beer, copper or eggshells are involved!" Here's how.

This week ooffoo invites you to commit to an action to show Mother Earth that you care on the run up to Earth Day. If you're stumped, don't worry... One of their team is offering to act as your representative! Simply pick an action for them to take on your behalf.

Packaging cosmetics products is an art form of its own, writes Julena at Organic Makeup and Skincare. But in this day and age, not only do they need to be pretty, they also need to be environmentally friendly and prolong the life of preservative-free products. Learn what she’s found, here.