Candlewick: for the discriminating reader


It can be hard to find quality children's books dealing with the environment. Fortunately there's some excellent publishing providing us with alternatives.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Candlewick Press publishes outstanding children's books for readers of all ages and have been named "the fastest growing children's publisher in the U.S." by Publishers Weekly.

We asked one of our in-house experts for her opinion. Montana Speed, a grade 6 student, an avid reader and budding environmentalist reviewed some of her favourites for us.

What Planet are you from Clarice Bean?
By Lauren Child

What Planet are you from Clarice Bean is a great book with lot's of information about the environment in a great story of Clarice Bean. Her brother Kurt start's protesting to stop the people from cutting down a tree. Clarice helps and teaches you many things along the way.
This book is for kids aged from about 6-8 years old and is great to teach people how they can help the environment!
Rating 5/5

The Dumpster Diver
By Janet S. Wong
Illustrated by David Roberts

The Dumpster Diver is a great story about a man named Steve. Steve dives into dumpsters and gets things out of it and turns them into new things! (With the help of his friends of coarse.) When Steve hurts himself they have to find a new way to get things people don't want. A great story about recycling! For kids of all ages!
Rating: 5/5