To Buy or Not to Buy...

That is your question! With the annual “Buy Nothing Day” approaching this November 25th…what will you do as a committed and concerned consumer?

Buy Nothing Day (BND) is an International day of protest against over-consumerism. Buy Nothing Day was originally founded by artist Ted Dave and occurred in Vancouver on a Saturday in September of 1992. BND is “a day for society to examine the issue of over-consumption." Since 1997, it takes place on the Friday after American Thanksgiving, as “Black Friday” also happens to be one of the 10 busiest shopping days in the U.S. The campaign spread all over the world and now over 65 nations participate in the event. Way to grow a consumer movement!

We all have a choice. If we take a look at our own spending habits, we get to see how much impact each of us individually makes on both a local and global level.

Will you become a social activist for this day and buy nothing? Or, will you choose your own way to do something to show your concern over the growing issue of over-consumption?

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