Book Review: Explore Rocks and Minerals!

Photo: Photo Courtesey of Nomad Press

With school now in session, it’s not just kids that are gearing up for an exciting year of learning activities; teacher are too. When it comes to teaching supplies, being “green” is slowly coming into vogue, so we were happy to come across a book that will help teachers in the classroom when it comes to coming up with subject matter, and is produced by a printer who has the environment top of mind.

Book Title:Explore Rocks and Minerals! 25 Great Projects, Activities & Experiments

Authors: Cynthia Light Brown and Nick Brown

Illustrator: Bryan Stone

Printer:Nomad Press

Focus: Earth Sciences

Age Group: 6 to 9 years old

Cost: $12.95 US and $13.95 CDN

Where you can purchase it: Online at Amazon.

What was great about the book:

  1. Our teacher-testers loved the chapter organization, index and extras like the Glossary list of outside resources.
  2. Throughout the book there are great callouts for kids, such as “Words 2 Know” (which are summarized in the Glossary), crazy facts called “Wow,” and “Did you Know” sections that are just interesting additional tidbits of information.
  3. The activity pages in the book have a section that outlines the supplies needed (helpful for moms and teachers).
  4. Our favourite activities were the ones that used food to help teach kids, such as “Have a sed-sandwich for lunch,” which shows kids how to make their lunch and turns it into a lesson on sedimentary rock. Cool.
  5. We also found that this book was not just for teacher’s but also parents who need ideas when it comes to keeping bright minds busy over the weekend. The activities in the book are great for sleepover games and birthday parties.
  6. Eco Logo Certified.
  7. Printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper using soy ink. The printer is also part of the Green Press Initiative.
  8. There is a calculator at the front of the book that tells the reader how many resources were saved using eco-friendly printing methods to print this book:
  • 18 trees (0.4 American football fields)
  • 11,014 Gallons of water (equal to a shower of 2.3 days)
  • 2,563 pounds of air emissions (equal to emissions of 0.2 cars/yr)

What was not so great about the book:

  1. We would like to see the activities in an online format so teachers could download them for classes.
  2. Teachers wanted a section after the activities page for kids to write what they observed doing the activity.

Grade from Green Living: A