bodyFood goes onto your skin, into your body and balances the spirit.

Order your skin a cocktail: bodyFood creates beautiful blends that can be tailored to what your skin is asking for.

Each day our skin protects us, keeps us warm, cools us down and does its best to fight off all sorts of nasty little germs. Maybe it is time to say thank-you, you know, give your skin a little TLC. What about taking it out on a date?

bodyFood, a unique little boutique in Ontario’s Mississauga, may just be the perfect place for some much needed skin pampering. Sashay on up to bodyFood’s skin bar and chat to one of their specialist who will be delighted to create a custom blend (in several skincare products) for you, that not only nourishes your skin, but calms your mind as well. That’s right, not only do bodyFood products promote overall well-being and beautiful skin, they deliver an authentic aromatherapy treatment with each use and may lift your spirit, combat colds and flu, acne, insomnia and stress. Additional benefits, tailored to each individual, include preventative therapy for aching joints and muscles, eczema, chapped and cracked skin.

Added into this delightful mix that all the ingredients are natural and the combinations are gentle enough for babies, teens and adults.  Always on tap at the skin bar are beautiful scents like:
Essential Infusion, designed to calm you.
Herbal Harmon, designed to refresh and promote energy (athletes, this one is for you!)
Rose Garden, designed to uplift your mood and is great for reducing those fine lines developing around your eyes.

Owned and operated by Irene Spedaliere, bodyFood offers a personalized experience for each and every client. Irene is an aromatherapy expert who is Integrative Aromatherapy Certified. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years and wanted to bring her preventative therapy vision to life. After years of research, Irene opened her shop and took her business concept online with bodyFood three years ago.

That’s right, you can order it online so you don’t have to feel left out if you are not able to get to the shop!