Beauty & The Bees

Green Circle Salon is putting the 'Bee' back in 'Beauty'

What started as a small idea is gathering quiet the momentum in the Salon Community. Green Circle Salons (GCS), an idea founded in 2009 by Shane Price, currently the President & CEO of Green Circle Salons. The idea was a mission with the the simple goal of helping the salon and beauty industry make a positive difference in reducing their environmental impact.  Price witnessed first-hand the desire of the beauty industry to find ways to reduce their environmental footprint and wanted to help and support their efforts.

Committed to helping Salons learn to be green, GCS help salons make a stronger environmental impact with their GCS Collection, Recycling and Re-Purposing Program. This ensured that hair, foils, colour tubes and other materials that can be found in salons (and at high volume) were able to make their way into recycling and re-using programs and thus are kept out of our limited landfill space.

GCS is also committed to giving back 5% of their pre-tax profits to work with local and international organizations to develop and support programs that make creative environmental impact and lessons for positive environmental change.

Green Circle Salons started in Toronto but has grown to include salons in much of Southern Ontario and is as far reaching as Calgary. The goals is for GCS to help salons across Canada.

In the Spring of 2010, GCS launched a new program called The Bee & Bee program. “The Bee & Bee program is aimed at providing a happy, peaceful home for the non-stinging Blue Orchard Mason Bee, native to Canada,” says Shane Price, “Bees impact pollination, which helps plants grow and keeps fruits and vegetables on our table, however the Canadian bee population is in decline some 25-40% since 2006. Without pollination, the eco-system is jeopardized.”

“The Salon community is embracing green solutions and several salons have already committed to supporting the Blue Orchard “Bee&Bee” initiative. Salons are also working with us to implement various eco-transformation programs. Many have already adopted recycling, hair collection, as well as, lighting and energy saving programs through Green Circle Salons,” says Price. “The Bee & Bee program is another extension of providing green solutions to a community that makes us look and feel good – now we can all do good, on behalf of bees.”

The “Bee&Bee” structure is made sustainably using reclaimed wood and off-cuts, is locally crafted, made using 100% solar energy, no VOCs, chemical free and painted with milk-based paints. They are crafted by Green Circle Salons and friends.

Green Circle Salons is encouraging its network of member salons, to sign up to sponsor one “Bee&Bee”. The “Bee&Bee” is a uniquely designed urban home for bees and can be placed in the salon to bring awareness to the plight of bees and act as a prize draw in support of bees.  The winner would take the Blue Orchard “Bee&Bee” home, to be placed in a yard, on a rooftop or patio garden, or any urban setting where flowering plants are present, in an effort to attract a bee colony. The awareness program can run as long as the Salon wishes.