Affordable green gifts for Mom

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Low on cash and wondering what to get mom this Sunday? Check our list of affordable enviro-friendly gifts that Mom will love.

Soothing lotions
Low on cash and wondering what to get mom this Sunday? Check our list of affordable enviro-friendly gifts that Mom will love.

Soothing lotions
All that cleaning, dusting and washing takes its toll so how about something for dishpan hands? Botani Olive Hand Cream softens and repairs hard working hands. Almond Oil, Vitamin E, plant extracts combined with olive oil also provides a protective barrier against harsh soaps and household cleaners. These are lots of other great skin care gifts under $50 at the online store Upurea.

Cool technology
Sun and Moon Jars are one way to light up her life. These lights have a small solar cell inside a mason jar that soaks up the sun to glow at night with either warm sunshine or cool moon glow. Or why not a water clock from Think Geek? All you do is fill up the back of the clock (that can act as a vase as well) and it will keep on running. One less thing for Mom to think about.

Essential for Mom
Aromatherapy uses scents from the oils of flowers and plants that are versatile. Scent your bathwater, rooms, lotions or wear them as perfume. Acqua-Vita offers a wide range of organic essential oils. The Jasmine or Rose Absolute perfume is sure to be a big hit. Include an essential oil diffuser or burner (usually a small bowl above a tea light candle) with the oil and you'll give Mom a healthy way to bring some fragrance into her home.

Erbaviva offers a soothing and elegant line of organic essential oils, room and body sprays and bath oils that are sure to be a hit. Mom will enjoy the lavender, rose and neroli room spray -- perfect for the car as well. Synergy mixes like Breathe Ease (four varieties of eucalyptus and a pine meld), bath salts and body washes will be appreciated as well.

Chocolate is a food group when you're a mom
Get Mom some guilt free chocolates from Equita. A division of Oxfam, Equita Certified Fair Trade buys directly from cocoa co-operatives in eight countries, offering a fair price so farmers can send their children to school instead of the fields to work. Try the milk chocolate with a touch of hazelnut, orange flavoured dark chocolate or coffee beans covered with Belgian dark chocolate. Other great chocolate brands include Rapunzel, Dagoba, Cocoa Camino and Sjaak's Organic Chocolate.

Colourful carriers
The Canadian web retailer Eco-handbags simply has the best assortment of bags for the conscientious consumer. Mom is sure to love her unique and fashionable handbag created from recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Basura Bags are made by a women's co-op in the Philippines out of recycled foil juice packs that would otherwise end up as landfill. Virtually indestructible, these bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each is a one-of-a-kind design and will be sure to get Mom a compliment or two.

Gifts ideas for the financially challenged
Between juggling work and home, your Mom is probably really busy. Give her the gift of time with these thoughtful suggestions that cost nothing but your time:

  • Do a home repair that's been hanging around.
  • Clean Mom's car inside and out. Put a few drops of aromatherapy oils into a spray bottle filled with water and spritz the car to add that finishing touch. Make a CD of her favourite tunes and leave it in the car
  • Give her a neck or foot massage
  • Run some errands for her (use your bike)
  • Do the grocery shopping for a week
  • Offer to cook dinner twice a week for the next month
  • Weed the garden (without being asked)
  • Make her favourite cookies
  • Fold the laundry and put it away
  • Make a scrapbook or photo album of your favourite moments together
  • Organize the DVDs and CDs
  • Walk the dog on Saturday mornings
  • Let her sleep in on Sunday for the next three weeks and bring her breakfast in bed
  • Donate to her favourite conservation organization
  • Protect Mom from harmful cleaning chemicals. Make her some green and safe cleaning products. Find out how in our article Window cleaning martini anyone?
  • Create a day spa for Mom. See our suggestions in Pamper Mom at home.