Affordable green gifts for Dad

We know he would like a Lexus hybrid sedan or a Lynx deluxe grill. But let's get real. For those of us on a budget, here are some green gifts for Dad under $150.

Athletic Dad
Let Dad head out for a guilt-free game with his Eco Golf Balls made from water-soluble polymer that dissolves when it hits fresh or salt water. Throw in a few packages of the biodegradable tees so Dad can save trees while trying for that hole in one. US$10 per dozen.

Turn his workouts into pure energy with the Hymini Portable Solar & Wind Powered Charger. Strap it onto your bike or your body and suck up enough solar energy to juice any hand held devices. Starts at US $49.

Outdoor Dad
If Dad is lured by fishing, make sure he is going lead free. Seasoned fishermen swear by the Original Bottle Cap Lures made from recycled bottle caps and steel rattlers claiming they're irresistible to bass, perch, trout, salmon, pike and so many more. Help Dad make his fishing dreams come true. CDN $35 for pack of six.

Let him cook that fish he just caught with the Sport Solar Oven. Lightweight and completely portable, this oven concentrates the sun's heat to cook most foods in two to four hours. Ideal for backyard use, camping, boating and picnicking. No more burnt campfire dinners. US $149.

The Eton Radio that is hand-cranked and solar powered complete with flashlight and cell phone charger could come in handy out there in the wilderness – even if it's just the backyard. More expensive units even have NOAA Weatherband and an SOS emergency siren. Starts at CDN $30.

Business Dad
Hardworking Dads could probably do with a boost at work with a Zanisa briefcase made from regenerated leather, US$65. The Green Earth Office Supply store has several sturdy briefcases made from hemp or recycled rubber starting at US$60. The REI computer bag is made from wax canvas, recycled rubber, recycled PET polyester and recycled aluminium, US$120.

He is always opening his to everyone, so why not get him DB Clay Wallet made with eco-friendly Tope material embossed with original art work and retro images. If Dad is a Red Green fan he will go wild for myDuctbills. This do-it-yourself Duct Tape Wallet Kit that includes everything you'll need to build your very own Duct Tape Wallet. Starts at $USD 20.

Road warrior Dads will appreciate being able to recharge their blackberry, mobile phone, digital camera, iPod or any other handheld device with the Solio Portable Hybrid Solar Power Charger. Compact and powerful, one hour of shine gives you one hour of juice. US$99.95.

Add a Zizsor Shredder to his portable office. This handheld shredder is light weight and fits into any briefcase. With 28 cutting blades it can handle five pages at a time. It's perfect for helping protect Dad against identity theft and junk mail at home. Unfortunately it's not rechargeable so be sure to include some rechargeable batteries. $USD 39.

Pampered Dad
He works hard and is often overlooked. Help Dad find his inner divo with some products to pamper him. If he's really hairy, he will appreciate the Art of Shaving's Ingrown Hair Kit that guarantees a 93 percent reduction in ingrown hairs within six weeks.

Bringing home that organic bacon can be exhausting so help Dad rejuvenate with some Eye Gel from the Gentlemens Refinery. It's all natural ingredients have been designed to decrease dark circles and lift the under eye area.

A greener and cleaner shave is sure to be appreciated. Cedarwood and Lavender Shaving Soap from Skinny, Skinny with help the blade move smoother. Being distracted or rushing through his morning shave can result in the occasional nick or cut. The Art of Shaving Styptic Pen made with alum, a natural mineral soothes and heals any shaving mishap. Both are available at Upurea.

Philanthropic Dad
Let your kind hearted Dad donate something worthwhile from Gifts that Matter. Pick out a goat, chickens a home garden, or a new bicycle that will help an under-privileged villages in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

The American company Heifer International funds projects like farmers with animals, bee farms and developing solar power systems. Started in 1944, Heifer has helped 8.5 million people in more than 125 countries.

And remember to tell Dad you love him!

Anne Colvey is a regular contributor to Green Living Online. She promises not to buy any soap on a rope this year for her Dad.