12 Green gifts Dad will love

Photo: istockphoto.com

For Father's Day this year, get Dad something green. Here's a list of some earth-friendly products Dad will love.

1. Solio Portable Hybrid Solar Power Charger

Dad can recharge his mobile phone, digital camera, iPod or any other handheld device anywhere, any time with this solar power charger. Compact, versatile and powerful, there is one cord for everything. One hour of shine gives you one hour of juice. US$99.95.

2. The SideWinderâ„¢ Cell phone charger
This emergency cell phone charger is perfect for any dad. Weighing only 70 grams (2.5 ounces), this compact and powerful charger gives six minutes of talking with two minutes of winding. It also gives five minutes of LED emergency light with 30 seconds of winding. US$29.95.

3. Green briefcases
Let Dad go green at work with a Zanisa briefcase made from regenerated leather, US$65. The Green Earth Office Supply store has several sturdy briefcases made from hemp or recycled rubber starting at US$60. The REI computer bag is made from wax canvas, recycled rubber, recycled PET polyester and recycled aluminum, US$120.

4. Eco Golf Balls
Give the gift of a guilt-free golf game with Eco Golf Balls, made from water-soluble polymer that dissolves when it hits either fresh or salt water. Dad won't be able to tell the difference from his regular golf balls but it will mean he doesn't have to avoid the water trap. US$10 per dozen.

5. Original Bottle Cap Lures
Fishermen swear by these lures made from recycled beer bottle caps. Bottle cap Lures are irresistible to bass, crappie, perch, trout, salmon, walleye, pike, muskie, char and more. Help Dad make his fishing dreams come true. CDN $35 for pack of six.

6. Sport Solar Oven
Let Dad cook the fish he just caught with the Sport Solar Oven. Lightweight and completely portable, this oven concentrates the sun's heat to cook most foods in two to four hours. Ideal for backyard use, camping, boating and picnicking. No more burnt campfire dinners. US$149.

7. Big Green Egg BBQ
This ceramic cooker is the perfect smoker, grill and BBQ. Its thick, heavy ceramic walls hold in the heat so Dad won't need so much charcoal and since it starts up with a few sheets of newspaper, there's no need for starter fluid. It's also self-cleaning. Starts at US$399.

8. Organic beer
Get Dad some organic beer from local microbreweries that use pesticide-free barley and hops. Not only is organic beer healthier with more flavour, buying organic beer from your nearby brewery supports the local community. Realbeer has listings of where to find microbreweries in the U.S. or Canada.

9. Electric motorcycles
Dad is still a kid at heart so why not get him a toy he'll love? El Chopper offers a build-your-own kit for an electric motorcycle that hits 80 km/h (50 mph). Instructions are US$39.95 and to build the complete bike is about US$1,200. Thunderstruck has several 18 peak horsepower, 48 volt bikes able to hit 99 km/h (62 mph) that take only 3.5 hours of recharge. US$7,200-8,000.

10. SIGG water bottle
Dad needs to look cool while he's out biking or hiking with the kids. Sleek and sexy SIGG bottles have a taste-neutral, unbreakable organic lining resistant to all consumable liquids. Their designs have even gotten the nod from the New York's Museum of Modern Art.

11. Hemp ties, socks and shirts
What's Father's Day without the proverbial tie? Rawganique offers a line of hemp ties in dozens of earth-friendly colours. CDN $16. They also offer a complete line of hemp shirts starting at CDN $69. Dad will love wearing something that is comfortable, stylish and earth-friendly.

12. Green shaving cream
Most shaving creams contain triethanolamine (TEA), a chemical that is a hormone-disrupter linked to liver and kidney cancer. It also irritates the skin. Give Dad a greener shave with Aubrey's Organics all natural Mint and Ginseng Shaving Cream, US$6.95. Lush Ambrosia Shaving Cream uses honey, linseed mucilage and chamomile, good for even the most sensitive of chins. Aveda After Shave Balm is a soothing blend of lavender, aloe and chamomile that helps skin recover from razor burn.