12 days of green shopping: Home decor

Photo: istockphoto.com/Russell Tate/Lisa Thornberg
Find some great gifts to create a green haven. Whether it's practical, decorative or just plain, there is plenty to choose from! Delightful illuminations Set a romantic mood with the eye-catching Honeycomb Table Lamp, made of swirls of silk worm cocoon atop a wooden base. Pick up an original brass railroad lantern from Lehman's in classic black and gold or in antique blue. This handsome accent light uses a clean fuel to burn and gives up to 11 hours of light. Light up a grid of bright colours with Candle Squared. These unscented candles are produced by a Fair Trade women's micro-enterprise in Argentina that provides help to single mothers and families. Sold by Equita Essentials (see link below). Get outdoor security with the Solar Centurion solar powered lighting system from Green and More. Using sunlight to charge, it turns on at night when activated by a passive infrared motion detector. No hassle with electrical cords or batteries. Accessories for the kitchen The Skier Cutting Board has a laser engraved illustration that interacts with the natural grain of the Acacia wood to create a charming scene. Durable and lovely. Pick up a variety of 100 percent bamboo utensils, cutting boards, serving trays and dishes from Bambu. Handmade in China and Vietnam, this bamboo is dishwasher safe. The Canadian company grass roots Store also has an excellent assortment of bamboo salad bowls, cutlery, cutting boards and dishes. Pick out a beautiful wooden bowl designed by New England artisans at Staples Cabinet Makers. These works of art are made with reclaimed and recycled wood. No two are alike. The company also makes unique wooden cabinets, tables and other furniture. What can you do when your natural, non-hydrogenated peanut butter separates and the oil sits on top? Grandpa Witmer's Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer easily stirs it all up for smooth spreading. Living room accessories Protect your furniture with these recycled circuit board coasters. A great sustainable and recycled gift for any home. This romantic Moonphase clock provides Earthbound time as well an accurately tracking the phases of the real thing. The synchronized rotating "shadow" slowly takes the miniature moon from new to full and back again each month. Powered by one AA battery. Bring some peace into your home with Boîtes de la paix (Peace Boxes). Quebec artists Anne Lapierre and Bruno Chouinard have converted US army Howitzer ammunition boxes from the Vietnam war era into shelves, CD cases, cubes and other functional pieces of art. Supplies are limited and these will be soon be collector items. Get a wall of green with the ELT Easy Green Living Walls. These vertical planters can be filled with a variety of plants and flowers that will give you a living wall that is a functional work of art, adding beauty to your home but also cleansing the air, adding humidity and reducing heating needs. Easy to install and maintain. Best gadgets Look Ma, no worms! The Nature Mill transforms your kitchen waste into fresh compost using micro-cultures. A fan brings oxygen into the composter and keeps things lively. No odour, no bugs and no worms. Fits easily under any counter or in any cupboard. The Wonderwash Washing Machine is a hand-cranked machine that uses less water and 90 percent less detergent. It can handle up to 2.27 kilos (5 lbs) of clothing and sits on any kitchen counter. Perfect for camping as well and it's under $50 dollars. Add an Amish-made Lehman's Best Floor Dryers to air-dry your clean clothes and save energy and you have the perfect green laundry room! Ecofan Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan uses the heat of your wood stove to circulate warm air throughout the room. These fans have a thermoelectric module which acts as a small generator to power the fan's motor. Save wood and stay warm. For the birds Talk to the the woodpeckers, blackbirds and robins in your garden with Bird Sing Along, handmade wood and rubber bird calls from Southern France. Portable pleasures Planetary Designs offers some stainless steel drinkware constructed of double-walled, vacuum-insulated with a high gloss enamel finish that is dishwasher safe. Choose five different tumblers and mugs in a variety of colours. Somewhere to rest your head Pick up a number of therapeutic pillows from grass roots. Why not try a Bamboo Charcoal Eyemask or a therapeutic neck rest with soothing flaxseed? The custom made pillow with virgin wool and organic cotton is sure to be a hit as well? Pick up some organic Coyuchi Organic cotton flannel sheets and rest in peace. Make your bed cozy and green with fair trade organically grown cotton sheets sold by Essere Organics. Percale sets with a thread count of 220 comes in ivory and white. Organic flannel sheets are also available. Add a shredded rubber pillow that shapes to your neck to finish off the whole package. Still haven't found it? Check these other websites for other eco-chic gifts for the home:
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  • Anne Colvey is an environmental journalist based in Quebec who is trying to furnish her home with green decor.