12 days of green shopping: Books

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Here are some of our favourites from 2007. Happy reading in 2008. Cookbooks The Complete Book of Raw Food, Lori Baird, Julie Rodwell, Hatherleigh Press This vegetarian cookbook includes 350 delicious vegetarian recipes from the world's top raw food chefs. Includes recipes for soups and salads to main courses, breads and desserts as well as a comprehensive Raw Food Glossary. A great book to get you started on the road to being a vegetarian. The Post Petroleum Survival Guide and cookbook, Albert Bates, New Society Publishers As a founder member of the famous alternative community The Farm, Alan Bates knows a thing or two about gardening, sustainable design, natural building, permaculture and restoration ecology. He provides some practical advice for preparing your family and community for the changes ahead but also provides some delicious recipes focusing on organic and locally grown food. This book is about "having your catastrophe and eating it too." Coffee Table Books Earth to Earth, Martin Hill, Andrews McMeel Publishing This gorgeous book highlights the stunning environmental photographer of Martin Hill, who along with his project collaborator Philippa Jones, visited remote locations around the globe to shoot his sculptors. There is a stunning array with evocative photographs showing the circle of life and the need for ecological sustainability. Also included are essays by some of the leading green thinkers of our time. Antarctica, The Global Warning, Sergio Copeland, Mikail Gorbachev, Leonardo di Caprio, Earth Aware Editions This incredible book documents celebrity photographer Sergio Copeland's voyage aboard Lady Patagonia on behalf of Global Green USA. His photos are hauntingly beautiful but the message that we could lose all of this is equally saddening. The foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev, introduction by Leonardo di Caprio and the DVD, SOS: A Global Warning adds to the depth of the book. Global Warning: The Last Chance for Change, Paul Brown, Reader's Digest Brown has used his was 16 years as an environmental correspondent for The Guardian to write a comprehensive book explaining with clarity and simplicity the challenges we face. But he also brings hope by teaching about the technologies and renewable energy solutions available to us. Life changing books Making a Living While Making a Difference, Conscious Careers in an Era of Interdependence, Melissa Everett, New Society Publishers. Melissa Everett has written a guideline on how to craft our work so we can contribute in a meaningful way and take part in healing our world. Learn how to assess your core aptitudes, cultivate the entrepreneurial skills to create the workplace you want and pay attention to what you care most about. How To Re-Imagine the World, Anthony Weston, New Society Publishers Anthony Weston is Professor of Philosophy at Elon University in North Carolina where he teaches Ethics, Environmental Studies, and "Millennial Imagination." His spunky book is an ode to using imagination to overcome short-term thinking and other limiting ways of being. A small but very uplifting book guaranteed to bring hope and excitement to all who read it. Finding community, Diana Leafe Christian, New Society Publishers We all need to find a place to call home. For many, life in our modern cities has become increasingly isolated and they are searching for more connection. Leafe Christian has written a how to guide for finding an intentional communities or ecovillages to call home. She offers a realistic assessment of these communities along with helpful suggestions and guidelines. Slow Is Beautiful, Cecile Andrews, New Society Publishers We are all exhausted and unhappy from living in the fast lane. North America has an affluent society for material goods yet happiness is on the decline. Andrews offers some solutions on how to slow down, first by analyzing the subtle pressure on consumers and offering suggestions on how to plug into the Slow Life Movement. Travel / Memoirs Seasons Among the Vines: Life Lessons from the California Wine Country, Paula Moulton, Frog Books Moulton is a business woman, fund raiser and author. But above all she is a farming who cultivates her own land. She has written a poignant book about life, weaving in lessons learned from watching the changes in the seasons alongside the practicalities of farming and making wine. An insightful and inspiring memoir with some great tips about wine making. Shadow of the Bear, Travels in a Vanishing Wilderness, Brian Payton, Viking Canada With an acute eye for details and a sympathetic ear, Payton explores our often mythical relationship to the bear while vividly capturing its magnificent power. With each place he visits, the one underlying theme is the decline of both the bears and the environment and sometimes the magnitude of this destruction is sobering. But his honesty and sly, often self-deprecating humour adds depth and prevents the book from sliding into an overwrought diatribe. The result is a meaningful study on the fate of wilderness and this impressive creature. The Wild Trees, Richard Preston, Random House Science writer Richard Preston has taken the complex subject of biology and created a riveting book about the endearing Redwoods of northern California, a species that has managed to survive the timber industry's blades. This ecosystem of ancient intertwined trees remains a mystery even after two decades of study. Preston introduces us to the champions of these skyscraper forests, botanist Stephen C. Sillett, speed-chess champion Michael Taylor searching for the world's tallest tree and Marie Antoine, a scholar of lichens. Eventually, Preston, who took up tree-climbing as a respite from writing, joins them up in the treetops. A wonderful memoir and botany book all in one. How to guides and reference books Save the planet (52 brilliant ideas), Natalia Marshall, Infinite Ideas Limited This practical and down to earth book offers 52 brilliant solutions to save the planet without completing altering your lifestyle. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint, find greener products that can replace chemicals, find enviro-friendly clothing and ways to power your home. Being greener and cleaner can be easy. Green Building A to Z: Understanding the Language of Green Building, Jerry Yudelson, New Society Press Green building and green developments are a crucial part of creating a sustainable future. But how many homeowners, builders and business people really understand how to switch to the new technologies and know about the new products available. Yudelson has created an informative, technically accurate and highly visual guide to green building. Topics covered include locally sourced materials, solar energy and zero-net buildings. An invaluable resource. Naturally Clean: The Seventh Generation Guide to Safe & Healthy, Non-toxic Cleaning , Jeffery Hollender, Geoff Davis, Meila Hollander, Reed Doyle, New Society Publishers In this day and day of chemical overload it's hard to know what we are buying, especially when companies creating our cleaning products are not fully disclosing all their ingredients. Naturally Clean offers an easy-to-understand explanation about the dangers of traditional cleaners and analyzes over 300 cleaners. It also provides tips for a healthier home and a resource guide on where to find safer alternatives including the Seventh Generation brand. Why the wind blows: a history of weather, Matthys Levy, Upper Access, Inc. Best selling author offers a history of meteorology interspersed with true stories of exploration and the effect weather had on them. He makes a strong link between man's ignorance of the weather to our current situation with global warming. A scientist with a knack for storytelling, Levy has written an entertaining book that explains a complex subject. Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, Stacy Malkan, New Society Publishers The $35 billion cosmetics industry has been unregulated for years and not one cosmetic product has to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration before hitting the market. The result has been we are now putting more chemicals on our bodies that ever before with a staggering 89 percent with unknown effects. This guide delves deeply into the dark side of the beauty industry. You may just throw away your lipstick. Politics of green Fighting for Love in the Century of Extinction, Eban Goodstein, University of Vermont Press Eban Goodstein is a Professor of Economics at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Weaving personal narrative with scientific facts, Goldstein explains how unchecked, global warming threatens to destroy one of every two animals, birds, plants, reptiles, forests, fish and other creatures alive today on the earth. But Goodstein also offers a realistic solution based the interconnection of all life forms on the planet. Thirst: Fighting the Corporate THEFT of Our Water, Alan Snitow, Deborah Kaufman and Michael Fox, Wiley/Jossey-Bass The filmmakers who made the documentary Thirst have put together an account of how transnational water corporations are taking over public water works to produce bottled water and create a product out of something that was once free. Thirst outlines corporations enter a city, manipulate local policy-makers with unrealistic promises and gain control of the public water infrastructures. Thoroughly researched, it's a condemning look at how out water is being high jacked by big business. Urban Meltdown; Cities, Climate Change and Politics as Usual, Clive Doucet, New Society Publishers Doucet traces how the growth of cities has contributed to the planet's greenhouse gases and how the solution resides in cities. He takes on the lack of imagination and political will with governments who support an economy with no built-in environmental accountability. Kid's books Adventures of Riley -- South Pole Penguins and Adventures of Riley--The Polar Bear Puzzle, Amanda Lumry, Eaglemont Press Beautifully illustration with lots of great visuals, authentic animal facts supplied by leading scientists and cutting-edge science combined with fun narrative make the Adventure of Riley series a must for every child's library. Learn about saving the penguins and polar bear in their Arctic series. Go on a take an Adventure with Riley to discover the world. Discovering Black Bears, Margaret Anderson, Nancy Field, Karen Stephenson, Dog-Eared Publications This charming nature activity book is a wonderful introduction to bears from any child. It looks at the natural history of the American black bear, its behavior and habitat while taking on the myths surrounding this creature. It introduces the reader to real-life bear biologists and has full colout color illustrations, a sheet of black bear stickers and 20 activities designed to challenge. A wonderful addition to any library. Herb the Vegetarian Dragon, Jules Bass and Debbie Harter, Bareboot Books Herb the Vegetarian Dragon lives in a faraway forest just outside a kingdom of people. Herb's cousins are meat eaters and they eat most of the people in the kingdom. When the people decide to raid the dragons it is up to Herb to find a solution to everyone's problems! This book is a great read and everyone should take a look at it! A delightful book, sure to charm child and parents alike. What Planet are you from Clarice Bean?, Lauren Child, Candlewick Press This delightful book is about how Clarice Bean gets green. Her brother Kurt start's protesting to stop the people from cutting down a tree. Clarice helps and learns a thing or two about the environment along the way. Aimed at kids aged from about 6-8 years old, it's a fun way to learn how to get involved. Shelagh McNally is the editor of Green Living Online.