The 1-gallon Flush

Photo: Foremost Groups Inc
Check out the most water-saving model we’ve ever seen, and discover which high-efficiency toilets perform best

When it comes to water consumption in our homes, flushing our toilets is at the top of the list. Pre-1994 flush toilets or gravity-fed toilets used 13 litres of water (3.4 US gallons) or more per flush. Since 1994, the U.S. mandated common flush-toilet to use a maximum of 6 litres (1.6 US gallons) per flush. In response, manufacturers produced low-flow toilets. Next came high-efficiency toilets (HETs), which flush with 4.8 litres (1.28 US gallons) or less.

Now The Foremost Group, manufacturers of HETs, added an “all in one” HET to their line of eco-friendly toilets. What does the ”one” stand in the new model (# AO1-005887EW)? The number of gallons of water per flush.

It flushes twice the average solid waste (500 grams) using only one gallon of water per flush (3.8 litres). That’s 71 per cent less water than the older flush toilets, 37 per cent less water than newer 6 litre (1.6 gallon) toilets, and 21 per cent less water than the newest HET toilets, while still meeting all the health standards.

Top Performing Toilets

If you want to save money and water, forget the full bathroom remodel and start with a toilet makeover. Before you decide on the right model, see how various toilets performed in Maximum Performance testing (MaP), where toilets are filled with soybean paste and toilet paper to see the maximum capacity (measured in grams) that can be disposed of in one flush. The higher the toilet’s MaP score, the better the toilet’s performance. Enter a brand in their search tool or download a PDF or spreadsheet of all WaterSense-certified high efficiency toilets.