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ABOUT GREEN LIVING ONLINE is the new eco chic, upbeat and informative web destination that is rapidly becoming the ultimate resource for all things green. Whether someone is a passionate eco activist or a budding environmentalist, they'll find lots to inform, inspire and encourage. Our users have come to know and expect the high quality of our reporting and find everything from the latest news and views to green solutions and practical lifestyle tips and advice.

Environmental issues are a universal interest, however, our reader base is largely female, aged 25 - 54. They are very well educated (88% with college or university education) and they have a high average household income (37% earn $100k+). This group is Internet savvy and considered the expert on green issues and tips among their social circles. Our readers research their purchases online, even if they may eventually make that purchase offline.

Concern for the environment continues to grow dramatically and consumers are increasingly looking for products and services that reflect their desire to green their lives. Advertising on Green Living Online will build your brand as eco conscious and socially responsible. Position your company alongside our strong green message and become known as a leader in the environmental movement.

Green Living Online supports industry standard Ad units as well as new and innovative sponsorship opportunities. Ad specifications are listed below, and rates are available by contacting

Creative Specifications

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